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TTA Candidates Will Better Serve Tiverton

Our town’s residents are a diverse group from all walks of life. We have different views and ideas on how things should be done and run.

Tiverton’s politics can get nasty at times and arguments erupt. I remember reading some of Demosthenes writings, which I think shows things have not changed much over the centuries.

The TTA. is a group of residents who have worked to end the large tax increases the town was imposing on us. Mismanagement, and giveaway contracts that gave us huge tax increases of hundreds of dollars annually, all while letting our infrastructure fall apart. These residents, many living on fixed incomes, feel the pinch as do young families with a mortgage.

The TTA has seven Town Council candidates from different parts of town. While we don’t agree on everything, the goals the TTA has published on its web page are shared by all of us. As a team we will work together for the best interest of all the people in town, not the special interest that seems to stick it to us.

I ask for your vote, please support the team that will work for you.


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