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Crazy Times Call for Back-to-Basics, Cooperative Candidates

For parents who are finding it a challenge to keep up with changing instructions, for senior citizens who are unable to go about their normal lives or enjoy their families, for workers whose job prospects and careers have been disrupted or destroyed, and for children and young adults who are being denied milestones they’ve looked forward to and worked hard toward… for everybody, these are crazy times.

But crazy times can make some things clearer.  Most of all, they can be a reminder to get back to basics.  That’s true for our health, and it’s true for local government.

Times like these are why the Tiverton Taxpayers Association (TTA) has always put such an emphasis on good-government, long-term planning, and reasonable taxes.  That approach is the only way government can make good decisions during difficult times while not trampling on our rights.

For this election, our updated platform is actually a vision statement:  We, the TTA, envision a government that puts People first, using transparency, accountability, and competent management in a long-term view of:

  • Avoiding hostile politics! Ensure respectful dialogue to build community that treats everyone equally.
  • Keeping Tiverton affordable! Improve our tax rate similar to our neighboring communities.
  • Planning intelligently! Properly maintain roads, town buildings, public spaces, and town services.
    Returning casino revenue control to your budget vote! Let casino money go where taxpayers want it, with a delay to use it in the budget only after collected.

These seven candidates for Tiverton Town Council, the TTA Slate, have promised to make decisions in keeping with this vision:

  • Joel A. Bishop
  • Robert D. Coulter
  • Sheri M. Aakre
  • Nancy L. Driggs
  • Joseph R. Sousa
  • Raymond D. Fougere
  • Donna J. Cook

All seven bring unique talents and experience to the table and represent different perspectives, from young parents to retirees.  As a team, their expertise ranges from farming to management to law to business to construction to health care to computer programming, and more.  Their promise is to apply those skills and a spirit of cooperation to the challenges our town and our families are facing.

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Justin Katz

Justin Katz is a writer and researcher focusing on Rhode Island policy and politics. For more about Justin, see our About page. (401) 835-7156.

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