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The Hypocrisy of Denise deMedeiros

For some reason, Newport Daily News reporter Marcia Pobzeznik, while reporting on a new recall effort initiated today by Richard Rom, leaves out a very relevant detail in this part of her article:

[New Council Vice President Denise] DeMedeiros said she is surprised Rom is leading the effort seeing he has “a vested interest” in getting a seat on the council if the recall election is successful.

“This is not good for Tiverton,” deMedeiros said.

The missing detail is that deMedeiros helped collect signatures for the original recall, which elevated her back into council leadership, with her co-conspirator now-President Patricia Hilton.  In fact, the signatures she collected were arguably decisive in getting the petition over the finish line.

Moreover, multiple times during that recall campaign, the petition initiator, William McLaughlin, indicated some sort of deal that made him certain deMedeiros would not be the president of the council.

Once again, the “Turn the Tide” faction proves its flawed understanding of good and bad:  Everything they do must be good, and anything they disagree with must be bad.  Of course deMedeiros believes “this is not good for Tiverton.”  In her mind, only things that give her more power are good.


Justin Katz

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