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Tiverton Could Use Some Light at the End of 2020

The people of Tiverton graciously gave me an opportunity and voted for me in 2018 to represent them on their Budget Committee. With the various difficulties encountered over the last two years, I have learned so much more about the town and its operation than I expected.

It takes many people, working together and in the same direction, for things to run smoothly.

Tiverton is a beautiful town, in a beautiful location, with great character. Most residents understand that and wish to maintain those elements; but that takes foresight, financial stability and planning, limited spending, and reasonable growth. We currently lack the discussions to create the blueprints that achieves those goals.

We don’t need committee and board members who cannot work towards common goals, or who resort to personal attacks on those who have different views, or who work toward agendas which are not favorable to Tiverton as a whole. Tiverton has many residents with energy and ideas to offer – some already tirelessly volunteer.  Those people need to be utilized – and their ideas, when offered in support of established goals, not stifled.

We are all ready for some light at the end of what has been 2020. I am hoping to be part of that light. I think it is time to bring new perspective and ideas to help Tiverton succeed, and I am ready to offer those ideas in discussion with others who want to listen, share their views, and support keeping Tiverton great for everyone.

I hope to continue serving Tiverton by being elected as a Town Council Member and am grateful to the town for giving me this opportunity.


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