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Confessions of an Anti-Recaller

I have a confession to make. I have agonized for some time about supporting the counter recall. As many of the people who have read my past writings know, I was adamantly opposed to the original recall for moral and civic reasons.

As I watched, on FB, the hypocritical behavior of those who perpetrated the first recall, I began to reassess. I watched them accuse the people they defeated of doing exactly what they themselves had done, in their typical projectionist fashion.

Then I thought about the long-term repercussions. A precedent has been set that virtually destroys the election process in Tiverton. Worse, it establishes a model for attacking Republicans across the state. Groups in Tiverton demonstrated that they will recall anyone who opposes them. This has been recognized by the state GOP. And that is why they, of their own volition, jumped in to support their Republican colleagues in Tiverton.

And finally, when a highly respected member of the state journalism community warns members of the state GOP of the damage done and urges a response, that is not something to be ignored.

It was quite amazing to see the state GOP committee chair present at Lil Bear Lounge during our kick-off event. And then I watched her hit the streets to collect signatures. I, for one was proud to see her care enough to take time out of her busy schedule to get involved. What an inspiring gesture that was!

I’m hearing some in Tiverton think that they can sever the relationship between the town GOP and the TTA by taking over the town committee. I wonder how they plan to convince the state GOP that it is they who represent the true Republican ideals in Tiverton.

What these people fail to understand is, they just launched a frontal attack on the very party with whom they desire to affiliate. In response, we are seeing a united state GOP determined to defeat these people even if they include misguided elements claiming to be Republicans.

My hope is that these well-intentioned Republicans will come to their senses, recognize that they have been lied to, come home to the GOP and support all GOP-endorsed candidates in 2020. Surely, they won’t walk away from the president who represents our last defense against the progressive-left insanity?

So, while I spoke passionately against the counter recall, I have reversed my position and rejoined the team. It felt good to walk the streets of Tiverton on Saturday collecting signatures. I am convinced we will have no trouble achieving the required 600 signatures for each of the three TC members. Onward and upward, Tiverton! You will soon be returned to the capable management of solidly fiscal conservatives.


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