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A Guide to Pallasch’s Methods

Even the most casual observer of Tiverton local politics can easily spot the many errors in the most recent attack letter by Deborah Pallasch, as she goes back over 10 years in time to make things up.

This is what they do:

  • Step One:  In private, put everything they can in closed executive session.
  • Step Two:  In public, mangle the truth with omissions, spin, or worse.
  • Step Three:  Keep minutes and records sealed forever so the public can’t tell the difference.
  • Step Four:  Distract from the main issue.
  • Step Five:  Attack anyone who criticizes them.  Rinse and repeat.

This five-step method is a favorite from the Pallasch playbook, and it shows why divisiveness is so rampant in our community.  To help put a stop to it, demand that Ms. Pallasch and her political allies stop hiding everything in closed executive sessions, and stop keeping records sealed forever.  The public has a right to know, and then we can all see who is telling the truth.


Robert Coulter

Robert Coulter has served Tiverton as an elected member of the Town Council, the Charter Review Commission, and Budget Committee. A lawyer, he is also a founding member of the Tiverton Taxpayers Association.

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