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Richard Rom: Beware What Changes Some CRC Candidates Would Make to the FTR

I am running for the Charter Review Commission (CRC). The Town Charter is the document that governs our town and will need careful understanding and consideration for the voters to decide on any recommended changes. My position as a potential commissioner is to protect the FTR as it has been structured, as it is a pure democratic process that puts the power of the purse strings into the hands of every Tiverton voter. The FTR gives all voters the same opportunity to present an alternative budget, why would anyone want to take that away?

Candidate Mike Burk has suggested that the FTR should be changed or eliminated because it is not the most effective way to approve a budget. The FTR process does generate effective budgets as defined by the voters. What effective changes will candidates (like Mike Burk) propose to replace or alter the democratic process of the FTR?

I think these candidates would prefer to grant the Town Council and the School Committee full authority to implement their respective budgets, allowing the tax burden for each taxpayer to be determined without any control by the taxpayer.

Please vote for the Tiverton Taxpayers Association endorsed candidates that will protect the democratic process by allowing all voters to choose the budget. TTA endorsed candidates: Justin W La Croix, Nancy L Driggs, Jeffrey E Caron, Robert D Coulter, Raymond D Fougere, Stephen T Clarke, William F Lopes, Donna J Cook, and Richard A Rom

For more information on who we are and our positions on the issues: Visit our website:

Look for the postcard insert in this Sakonnet Times issue, save it, and bring it to the polls on Tuesday July 18.

Watch slate on Cox NCTV-18 Richard Urban Show and TTA Candidate Forum


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