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TTA Candidates for Town Council Pledge to put People, not Government, First

As the November 3 election day nears, it is comforting and exciting to see the familiar red, white and blue Tiverton Taxpayer Association (“TTA”) endorsed town council candidate signs throughout the town. You, the voters, if you vote for the entire TTA endorsed slate of seven candidates, can ensure a seven-member town council that will put your interests first.

TTA endorsed these seven candidates (in the order they appear on the ballot: Joel Bishop, Robert Coulter, Sheri Aakre, Nancy Driggs, Joseph Sousa, Raymond Fougere, and Donna Cook) because all believe in the TTA vision of a government that puts People first, using transparency, accountability, and competent management in a long-term view of keeping Tiverton affordable, planning intelligently, returning casino revenue control to the town budget, and avoiding hostile politics.

With the meetings of the town council moved to the Zoom format due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the public has been removed from a front row seat of the town council business. Councilor Donna Cook and I have had to step up to the plate when we felt this town council was forgetting and not protecting the rights and interests of the citizens. Two examples are pertinent. The citizens had a right to have their town council challenge the state’s decision to withhold the $3 million promised casino revenue due to the casino not being open 24 hours, especially given it was the state that forced the closure. A challenge was then made to the state which would not have happened had I not raised the issue. And, the citizens had a right to see if there could be an extension of the costly landfill closure date due to this loss of casino revenue, and this request and inquiry would not have happened if Councilor Cook had not raised the issue.

This current town council majority, which includes Perry and deMedeiros, believes in government (not people) first. The TTA believes in putting your interests first, and protecting your interests and your right to be heard, through transparency and accountability.

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