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Tiverton Cares: Resident-Focused Aid

Though Tiverton often seems embroiled in controversy and debate, it is also a town with heart that cares for its residents. One organization that demonstrates this characteristic is Tiverton Cares ā€“ an organization to which I have donated in the past, but have recently joined as part of its board of directors and for which Iā€™m happy to help spread the word.

Tiverton Cares is a seven-year-old non-profit, recognized as a tax-exempt public charity by the IRS. Since 2013, Tiverton Cares has provided over $10,000 in direct support of Tiverton residents or programs supporting residents, utilizing direct cash grants and in-kind services via Tiverton Cares Neighbors Helping
Neighbors program.

Ideally suited to work at a local level, the programs under Tiverton Cares try to fill gaps for people who have needs that are too small or unique to be covered by some bigger program. Residents needing support might be those having experienced catastrophic life events, or simply needing a helping hand with groceries, winter heating, or specific holiday support.

Over the years, Tiverton Cares has provided resident aid by providing emergency financial relief to needy families, offering high school scholarships, organizing litter pickup, spearheading winter clothing drives, raising money for the library, and collecting emergency supplies to help local doctor fight infectious disease overseas. Tiverton Cares also works as a referral source for those needing to connect to services from other nonprofits.

While there are many great non-profits in Rhode Island, even some in Tiverton with narrower missions, Tiverton Cares is the only tax-exempt organization that is general in nature, but focused exclusively on aiding residents of Tiverton.

For more information, or if you would like to donate your time or money to help residents in need, please feel free to contact us at


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