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Question: For the upcoming election, where do I go to vote?

Sometimes it seems as if the hardest part of fulfilling one’s civic duty to vote is knowing where to go.  Between changes in precinct lines and different locations for primaries, general elections, and financial town referendums, even regular voters can find themselves driving from one location to another on election day.  If you take a few years off, finding your voting place can be even more difficult.

Here is the official map for voting precincts that you should follow on November 4.  Even the map requires some explanation, though, so scroll past it if you find it confusing.


The precincts are drawn in yellow lines, and they determine where you vote.  The polling places are written in blue ink, and the number in parentheses corresponds with the last digit in the precinct.  For example, precinct 3301 votes at “Pocasset School (1).” Here is the list:

  • 3301: Pocasset School
  • 3302: VFW on Shove St.
  • 3303: Countryview Estates
  • 3304: Ranger School
  • 3305: Sandywoods Farms Community Center
  • 3306: Tiverton High School
  • 3307: Amicable Congregational Church

The green lines and green numbers provide your district in the Rhode Island House, and the red lines and red numbers provide your district in the Rhode Island Senate.  To find your current representative and senator, see this search on the Secretary of State’s Web page.  The Rhode Island Center for Freedom & Prosperity provides an interactive application for its Freedom Index, which grades legislation and then scores representatives and senators depending how they vote.

If you’re looking for suggestions about who deserves your vote in local races, see the new Clean Up Tiverton page.


Justin Katz

Justin Katz is a writer and researcher focusing on Rhode Island policy and politics. For more about Justin, see our About page. justin@justinkatz.com (401) 835-7156.

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