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    Explaining Issues Versus Falsehoods and Rhetoric

    One of the challenges of serving your community by getting involved in civic debate is that it’s so much easier for people to say things about you that are wrong and misleading than it is to actually explain issues.  Honest people are at a disadvantage, and often they give up when the special interests make things nasty, as Tiverton 1st and Mike Silvia have made them nasty in Tiverton. I apologize for the length of what follows, but just about everything in Mike Silvia’s recent letter to the editor is wrong or misleading.  That requires a lot of explanation in order to lay out facts and let people decide for themselves. It’s important to remember that Mike Silvia is spreading this misinformation as part of the political activity of the Tiverton 1st political action committee, which helped elect the people who’ve dominated all of the major elected bodies in town over the last, disastrous few years.  Of course, that’s only because the group is new; many have been complicit in bad governance for a long, long time. Outright Errors Mike Silvia simply asserts that TCC and Tiverton Taxpayers Association are the same organization.  That is false.  Key people involved with …

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    Students Leaving Tiverton Schools?

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