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  • deMedeiros Campaign Finance Reports

    Question: Why is Denise deMedeiros listed as “inactive” on the state’s campaign finance Web site? One has to wonder how many people who consider serving their communities by running for local offices decide against doing so when they find out about hurdles like ethics and campaign finance filings.  Sure, from the government’s point of view, filing a handful of forms per year is not a lot of extra work, and it creates the potential, at least, for voters to search for corruption.  It certainly provides state and local journalists with a well from which to draw stories from time to time, and it’s a popular tool for activists to make their opponents look corrupt, especially when those opponents are newcomers to politics trying to shake things up a bit. But forms are forms, and no matter how simple they are, many people’s eyes glaze over the second they sit down to fill in the boxes. Then there’s the risk of having to pay fines.  Right there on the front page of the Board of Election’s Web site is a link to a list of unpaid fines for missed or delayed reports.  The latest list, from June 2014, shows a total of $1.8 million in fines, ranging …

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  • Photo of A Telling Dismissal of O’Dell’s Complaint

    A Telling Dismissal of O’Dell’s Complaint

  • Photo of Where to Vote

    Where to Vote

  • Photo of Personnel Board Applicant Says Town Council Conniving

    Personnel Board Applicant Says Town Council Conniving


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