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  • Assertions Are Cheap; FakeCheck and Tiverton 1st Are Misers

    In keeping with our suggestions about ways in which readers can determine how much credibility to assign to political writers, the first post on FakeCheck says more about the people producing that site than about the people they’re attacking. Of course, because they lack the integrity to put their names on their attacks, we can only speculate about who “they” are.  From online registration, we know that Tiverton 1st friend Michael Silvia  is involved. Skimming the content on the Tiverton 1st Facebook page gives the strong impression that FakeCheck and Tiverton 1st have quite a bit of overlap.  (Should we begin calling it “Tiverton False”?) Most of the first post on FakeCheck is simple, hateful pose.  The writer wants to tell the reader how to feel about somebody.  Instead of facts, FakeCheck makes assertions about motives.  The writer asserts that our “disdain for the Town of Tiverton and its residents is well documented,” but doesn’t bother to provide any links or statements about what that documentation is.  This is the “everybody knows” trick and an attempt to sneak through a debate without ever having to argue anything. FakeCheck asserts that Tiverton Fact Check is a way of getting revenge on people who’ve “exposed” a number of groups, but he …

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  • Photo of Students Leaving Tiverton Schools?

    Students Leaving Tiverton Schools?

  • UPDATED: Who’s Saying What About the Data?

  • Photo of Learning from Tiverton FakeCheck

    Learning from Tiverton FakeCheck


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