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    Students Leaving Tiverton Schools?

    Question: I would like to know how many kids who graduate from Tiverton Middle School go to a private school after 8th grade graduation? Tracking the students who leave Tiverton’s school system is more difficult than it might seem, especially if our interest is mainly in using numbers as a metric for judging quality.  First, there are families that come to town from elsewhere and families that leave for other reasons.  Then, there are students who transfer to private schools or the other way around (or both in different years).  When we get to high school, some of the students may just be dropping out altogether. We also have to consider that every class of students is a unique collection of demographics and personalities.  And other factors can play a role — notably the economy. The Department of Education does have data on the number of students from each district who attend private schools, but the format in which it is available would require more work than we have the time to spend whittling it down to a format that would be useful to us.  The number of years of information available might not shed much light on the reader’s question, anyway. One …

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  • Photo of Learning from Tiverton FakeCheck

    Learning from Tiverton FakeCheck

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