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    Personnel Board Applicant Says Town Council Conniving

    In the midst of turmoil over the Tiverton Town Council’s determination to appoint a specific person to be a full-time planner for the town, resident Donna Cook applied, as a volunteer, to fill one of two vacancies on the Personnel Board. The Personnel Board selects the candidates from whom the council must choose when appointing people to paid positions, and there has recently been inside controversy over the fact that the board didn’t put forward a name that council members appear to have wanted to see.  Partly as a consequence of that conflict, the board wound up two members short of the five that the Homerule Charter requires. Three people volunteered to fill those two slots, with one of them being Nancy Roderick, the wife of Council President Edward Roderick. According to Mrs. Cook, Council Member Jay Lambert called her the day that the council was going to conduct interviews (agenda here) and encouraged her to withdraw her name.  She says that he told her she had no chance and would be embarrassed not to get a position.  Obviously, with two available positions, her withdrawal would clear the way for Councilor Roderick’s wife, making it seem as if the council had no option …

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