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  • Using Campaign Finance Info with Payroll Data

    Transparency Web sites can show taxpayers and voters the dots that they need in order to keep track of government’s activities, but those dots still have to be connected.  Unfortunately, some of the same technology and trends that bring us such access to information have changed the landscape for news media, too.  Consequently, newspapers don’t have the resources they once did to follow leads, which often produce nothing more newsworthy than wasted time. That leaves it to people without specialized training to do the connecting.  The good news is that, at the end of the day, it’s just a matter of looking at all of the information that’s available. For example, one of the links on the side of the Tiverton Fact Check homepage leads to the state’s campaign finance search.  There, you can look up candidates, organizations, the people who have donated to them, and the candidates to whom they’ve donated. Under the “Filings” tab, type “Tiverton” into the space for “Last Name/Org Name.  Six organizations come up, three of them listed as “Active.”  Clicking on an organization brings up all documents that it has filed.  Clicking to “view” a document allows the option to look at an electronic version or the scanned …

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  • Payment Dates Skewed School Pay for 2012 (Updated 9/8/14)

  • Photo of Transparency Comes to Tiverton

    Transparency Comes to Tiverton


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