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  • Using Town Property Finder with Payroll Data

    Not a few people thought it a sign of a new world of lost privacy when Tiverton joined the other cities and towns in Rhode Island in allowing information about every property within its borders to be put unrestricted on the Internet.  Of course, the information was public before; people just had to go to their respective town or city halls to look it up. That means that special interests and government agents had this information all along.  Now, the rest of us, who have no occupational excuse to go do the digging, are simply on an equal footing. The central purposes of such applications are to research property that one might buy and to gather information for construction and zoning purposes.  There are other times that it’s necessary to know who owns a particular lot, and this is an easy way to find out. It can also help to find out the relationships of people with the same last name. If you use Fact Check’s payroll application to look up a particular employee and discover that he or she shares a last name with other town employees, it isn’t always easy to know whether the name is just a coincidence they are related.  The property search can often help …

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