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  • Burk Should Check His Facts and Be Honest About His Opponents

    Watch what they do, not what they say. Mike Burk, chairman of the Tiverton Democratic Town Committee and unsuccessful Town Council candidate, does three things in his letter to the editor responding to me that readers should watch: He takes a condescending, divisive attitude. He withholds information in order to deceive readers. He makes statements that appear to be false. On 1:  Burk makes clear that he’s reluctant to stoop to the level of actually carrying on a civil conversation with the likes of me.  He and his Tiverton 1st, Tiverton Democratic Town Committee associates are apparently too good for that. On 2:  To enable this attitude, Burk leaves out statements and facts that don’t fit his good-guys-versus-bad-guys picture.  It’s simply a fact that there has been only one other time in recorded Tiverton history that the Town Council had to appoint a person to the Budget Committee because one of its members won election to the Town Council, and it unanimously appointed the next-highest vote getter from the election, Laura Epke. Burk also skips over my point that candidates’ interests and town dynamics change over time.  I didn’t ignore the fact that the same council that appointed Epke in 2010 did not …

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  • Photo of Town Council to Divide Town Over Budget Committee Appointment

    Town Council to Divide Town Over Budget Committee Appointment

  • deMedeiros Campaign Finance Reports

  • Photo of A Telling Dismissal of O’Dell’s Complaint

    A Telling Dismissal of O’Dell’s Complaint


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