1 day ago

    A Contrast in Ballots

    I took it as evidence that double-checking work is very important when, while creating a sample ballot to hand out…
    1 day ago

    Twin River Affirms Early Opening

    After all of the warnings about "gambling with casino revenue," this Providence Journal article would have been very relevant last week: Twin…
    6 days ago

    Budget Committee Budget #1 Wins

    Initial reports online are that Budget #1, the Budget Committee budget has won the 2018 FTR, 1,540 to 1,230.
    1 week ago

    Vote for Budget #2 This Week

    [su_button url="http://tivertonfactcheck.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/2018FTR-nonmailercard.pdf" icon="icon: file-pdf-o"]Click for printable card.[/su_button]  
    1 week ago

    Budget #2 to Match Portsmouth Tax Rate; Almost Back to Calm and Normal

    Milestone: The projected tax rate for Budget #2 at Tiverton Financial Town Referendum (FTR) is $15.96 per $1,000 of house…